Damarcus and Jaelen

Damarcus and Jaelen “What is your big goal?” Jaelen Blake asked his after-school class of Elevate kids a few weeks ago, “and what is the purpose of that goal?” All the other kids immediately wrote down their goals, but Damarcus’s paper was empty. “I don’t know how to do it,” the 4th grader said. “I don’t understand the question.” Jaelen …

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Dream Reachers Family Circle

The last Dream Reachers gathering of the 2021 school year was an intimate family circle. TeacherMentors Sarah Dougherty and Shannon Petrina asked each student to do an overall check-in about how life is going for them and also tell the group one role model they have and why. Most of the young ladies spoke about their parents as the people …

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Supporting Families—A Success Story

Elevate’s TeacherMentors understand that to empower their students to achieve, they must establish connections with families. This starts the moment a student is assigned to the Elevate classroom. Brand-new Middle School TeacherMentor Laticia Huchin hit the ground running in January, reaching out to parents to introduce herself and make sure they understand what Elevate is all about.

We Will Never Stop – from Donell Morgan, Elevate Executive Director

I, like many members of the Black community, feel frustrated and tired. The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strain on me as a Black man is a reality. It is painful to continue watching Black people be profiled, victimized, and murdered by law enforcement across this country.

We’re on the Job – remotely.

We hope that everyone is safe and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones, following the suggestions of medical professionals and your best judgement. These are strange, challenging times that we face.

Staying Safe

As the situation with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to evolve we are monitoring all available resources for up to date information and paying attention to our school partners to ensure that the youth we serve and our staff stays safe.

Being there for Kids

Sarah Dougherty describes being a TeacherMentor at Elevate as life changing…”I absolutely love it. I brag about my job everywhere I go, because it doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like I’m meant to do this.”

How Time Flies! Reflecting on the last year with Donell Morgan

We can’t believe that a year has passed since Donell Morgan became Elevate’s Executive Director! What a year it has been. We sat down with him to find out how it’s going and what he’s excited about this year. Here some are excerpts of that conversation:

You are the Elevate Family

The relationship between Luz and Marty is a great example of the special connection between our TMs and the youth we serve. Luz’s parents did not speak English fluently, so Luz was a crucial family resource. She took care of her siblings – often during school hours – as well as her mother, who was severely ill. These heavy responsibilities …

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