Building relationships with youth to promote education, self-reliance and leadership

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Changing Lives Through Relationships

Elevate Oregon is a non-profit organization serving youth in marginalized communities. Elevate supports students in the Parkrose and David Douglas neighborhoods of Portland, two of the most diverse school districts in Oregon.

Our year-round mentoring program integrates with the core high school curriculum to raise graduation rates and college enrollment, offering career development for mainly students of color in the 6th-12th grades. We start early building impactful relationships, with daily mentoring and support in/outside school for 3rd–5th graders.

Laying a Foundation for Success

With the help of our community partners, our goal is to dismantle systemic racism within the school districts we serve. Our certified Teacher/Mentors empower youth through 1:1 mentoring, in-school programming, and out of school activities, to give students the academic and life skills they need to thrive in the face of significant challenges.

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"My mentor accepted me for who I am, and was able to support me through all my hard times. I really did find my second family. I found my community, I found my place."

 - Vanessa, Elevate Oregon 2024 Senior

“With the help of my mentors I’ve found my purpose and understand the value of my life. Every person at Elevate has been there for me, whenever I needed help, inside and outside of school.”

— Elevate Oregon 2020 Senior