Our Work

Through our elective classes in school and stable, caring, consistent relationships, outside of school we are empowering kids to make and meet their own goals.

Class Curriculum

Age-appropriate curriculum that integrates with school district goals

We are embedded within the Parkrose School District, meaning that our elective classes are part of our students’ school day, and earn credits toward graduation. Classes focus on engaging young people in character qualities and life-skills that form the foundation for accomplishment.

Elevate youth learn and embody our core character qualities and life skills, brought to life through experiential learning, group activities and discussions. In a highly diverse district, kids are developing the leadership qualities, capabilities, and confidence needed for success.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve seen attendance increase by 20%.

Over the last 6 years, 97% of enrolled Elevate seniors have graduated from high school.

One-on-One Mentoring

Life-changing guidance from our dedicated Teacher/Mentors

A stable, consistent, adult relationship can be life-changing. For many of our students, the relationship they have with their Teacher/Mentor is one of the first caring adult bonds they have ever had. Our staff reflect the diversity of our students, and they’re trained to develop relationships with hard-to-reach youth.

Currently 67% of Parkrose students, and 92% of Elevate students, are youth of color, while 87% of their teachers are white.

Through culturally relevant, individually tailored mentoring that reinforces the core values of Elevate, our students get the kind of encouragement, attention, and support they need for success.

Enrichment Opportunities

Empowering students to step up and take control in academics and beyond

We use a wrap-around approach, meaning that the tools and skills Elevate students gain during the school day are reinforced and practiced in our after-school and summer programs.

Through multi-level peer-to-peer mentoring, gender-specific peer groups, after-school homework support, summer Transition programs (Ninth Grade Counts and 5th to 6th Transition) and our one-week summer Activity Camps, we engage and inspire youth with role models they can identify with.

100% of Elevate students set—and attain—at least one personal and/or school goal annually.

Our 13 Character Qualities and Life Skills:

Vision, Courage, Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Positive Work Ethic, Integrity, Career-mindedness, Communication, Leadership, Problem-Solving, Decision-making and Goal-setting.