About Us

We build relationships. We change lives.

Elevate Oregon builds relationships with youth to promote education, self-reliance and achievement in the Parkrose School District.

Through long-term, culturally responsive instruction and mentoring support, we empower young people toward success and leadership, with the goal that they become a strong positive influence in the community.

Elevate Oregon was founded in 2010 as a principled, community response to identified inequities and disparities in access, opportunities, and outcomes for vulnerable youth, both in school and during out-of-school times.

To achieve our mission, our goals are to:

  • Work with students enrolled in Elevate Oregon to define and pursue success in a way that is personally meaningful to them
  • Empower young people
  • Help students develop supportive peer networks
  • Offer leadership opportunities to hone skills built in, and out of, the classroom

Our focus on high school graduation, post-secondary success and dropout prevention seeks to alter an intergenerational cycle of exclusion in which students of color are disproportionately left behind. Elevate Oregon reflects the community we serve: 91% of program staff come from communities of color, and 81% of all staff come from communities of color.

Help Level Up the Lives of Marginalized Youth.