I Am A Mentor – Nawwal

We are celebrating National Mentoring Month by sharing why we chose to become mentors! Here’s what Teacher/Mentor Nawwal had to say:

“When I was younger, I was greatly impacted by the adults that mentored me. When my life was chaotic they saw me through and made me feel secure. They encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and showed me what life could be like. I believe that being mentored is an important part of growing up, especially for kids who don’t have as many supportive adults in their lives as they deserve.

A mentor cares about you and holds you accountable to your goals. They open up possibilities for you so you can see what you are capable of. A successful mentor models behavior that contributes to success.

I show my students how to take steps to reach their goals, my hope is that they build confidence and try things that otherwise would have intimidated them. I want to make sure that they feel valued. The most rewarding part of being a mentor is seeing kids succeed, watching them graduate and become leaders in their families. I really value the friendships that I have with them.”

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